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Why the kookaburra?

Kookaburra Cottage is home.

Forty kilometres from Braidwood in south-east New South Wales, nestled in the bush with a seasonal creek and surrounded by wildlife: this is where I live, write, grow food and recharge my batteries. Every dawn and dusk is announced by a rousing kookaburra chorus. Over time I have come to know the pairs of kookaburras that live around my property and also to realise that there is a deeper significance to their presence in my life than just the sharing of space.

Kookaburra is the messenger of the bush.

I try to put into practice through my writing the lessons that kookaburra brings: observe patiently, focus carefully, be swift and decisive in execution. Kookaburra also tells us not to take things too seriously. It’s important to approach life with a sense of humour and to laugh out loud from time to time.

I have travelled a lot over the past few years and I have been to places where I’ve thought I could live quite happily. In the end, though, it is the raucous call of the kookaburra as dawn breaks and darkness falls that I miss most and it is that which will always call me home.


kookaburra dreaming

A bit of Bio

Robin Tennant Wood had a poem published when she was 10 years old and decided on the spot that she would be a writer. After leaving school there followed a career as a high school art and English teacher, involvement in politics and as an environmental activist, further study, a PhD in political science and international relations, a policy position in the Commonwealth public service and then director of an environmental non-government organisation.

She finally gravitated to fulltime academia where she lectured and researched in politics and policy. All the time, however, she wrote.

After a series of monumental life changes, she finally pulled the plug on her career to pursue what she decided to do at 10 years old. Sometimes it takes a long time to find out what our 10 year-old selves knew all along.

Robin lives in a small yurt, Kookaburra Cottage, which she shares with two gorgeous dogs and five cats, in south-east NSW. She lives as sustainably as possible on her 15 acres of land, off-grid solar powered and growing as much of her food as she can while sharing it with the local wildlife. She keeps chickens for eggs and manure, composts all organic waste, including humanure, and is working towards zero-waste.

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